Our committees afford opportunities to make a difference in the organization and the community.  We have a range of committee types and are always in need of committee members.  Joining a committee is also a great networking opportunity.  When you join a committee you share influence the direction of the organization and take us to the next level.


Executive Committee

The Nevada Chapter ASLA Executive Committee is comprised of elected individuals dedicated to advocating for the profession of landscape architecture within the great state of Nevada.

Laura Miller - President

David Farley - President Elect

Jack Zunino - Past President

Tara Carrell - Secretary/Treasurer

Lucy Joyce - Trustee

Jana Vanderhaar - Northern Section Chair

Marc Chapelle - Northern Section Secretary

Marty Sillito - Northern Section Treasurer



Samantha Solano - UNLV Liasion

Michael Hernandez - UNLV Student Chapter President

David Farley - Public Relations

Wayne Salom - Golf Tournament

Cecilia Schafler - LA Awards/Pink Flamingo

Autumn Schneider - Administrative Assistant/Editor


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Living Learning Community | Lumos Inc.